Three Marketing Landscapes For Small Businesses That 21st Has Century Redefined

Content is the basis of marketing and advertising channels. When you switch on your TV, you are doing so in anticipation for a great content, either football, music, news or a reality TV show. Content creation and its own concept remains the same, but the 21st century has pushed it into what Bill Gates once described as “Business At The Speed Tought


The Microsoft founder, one of the greatest influencer of the 21st century understood how the landscape of business would look like, and marketing will definitely not be an exception. The once gigantic desktop computers have evolved to smartphones even with bigger capabilities. Now people communicate in a different way, people view content in a different way, and people do business in a whole different way.

With over 8 Billion videos watched daily on Facebook and Youtube records over 5 billion daily views. This means almost every citizen of the green planet have their channel of content delivery redefined and totally changed.

Here are the 3 Marketing hacks that 21st century has totally redefined


  1. Newspaper Delivery: The daily tabloid used to be very popular and very much engraved to the daily activities of an average corporate person. These days, the same concept of information and advertisement delivery has found its way into the digital sphere. Almost all Newspaper companies have their major mode of content delivery redefined and streamlined through the internet. This implies that advertisers who once used the pages of newspapers to get attention and push their message now rely on the internet to have their ads splashed on people’s face.
  2. Press Release Distribution: The age of cables and telegrams had press release distribution very well determined by the cables and all that. This, however, has changed and followed the same pattern the media world has followed. Over the course of the 21st century, press release distribution companies like have clearly redefined how press releases are done.
  3. Media Outreach: You would have gotten in touch with the media by calling, sending messages one by one, but all this has changed. Business at the speed of thought is now business at the speed of convenience also. Companies like have made this so easy through their media outreach program through which they can contact thousands of journalists at the punch of a button.

You can supercharge your business by employing the power of the internet media, either through Facebook or Youtube and other internet platforms that have gone to define how people live daily.