How To Track An iPhone By Phone Number and Other Apps

While around half of the population in the world has a smartphone, a great percentage of these smartphone users are iPhone users. iPhones are not just chic looking devices from Apple, but they also boast of features that make them enviable to many Android phone users. There are features of the superior camera and sound clarity, besides offering great battery and other such efficiency-related areas, which constitute the primary reasons for people to buy an iPhone. However, absent minded people might even forget their prized iPhone anywhere, and that is where the problem would begin.

How to track an iPhone by phone number?

It is very disheartening if someone forgets or misplaces his or her phone. However, if someone loses or misplaces their phone, then it is heartbreaking. There are ways to track the way to the thief and even retrieve your iPhone by a few ways.

  • Just with phone number: It is actually only possible to find the iPhone location if the thief has not changed the SIM Card of your iPhone. Smart thieves would surely do that as soon as they get their hands on the smartphone. They would not wish you to trace the phone to them at any cost. However, with just your phone number you would not be able to get to the thief.

Ways to find the iPhone by other software applications:

  • Find my phone: If you are someone very cautious about your iPhone and have already activated or installed the Find my iPhone on However, there are a few clauses only when you would be able to find the location of the iPhone device. Your iPhone should be online and have the Find my Phone active on it. If the thief has switched off, changed the IMEI number, or even switched off the internet, then it would not be able to show the exact location.


However, with Find my Phone application, you would even be able to find your family member’s iPhone if they are there in your group of the iPhone as a family. They must be online there when you trace. You could even click on the “Notify me when found” alert to allow the application to send you an email when they discover the location of the lost phone.

  • mSpy software to your rescue: If you have recently purchased your iPhone, then you may also shop for the mSpy software and install it on your iPhone. Register in it with your details and then start monitoring the device from other IOS devices at your place just to test. This way, you would even be able to manage the phone’s data, and if you wish, you could also try to log out of that iPhone’s account from other devices just so that the hacker does not access your files and other sensitive data from the phone.

Points to remember while tracking the lost iPhone: While iCloud’s Find my Phone or mSpy software applications, and many other free apps help to track the iPhone’s location, it is not always accurate.

However, it is better that as soon as you realize that you cannot do much about tracking the phone, just stay cool and log in to iCloud account from any MAC device. Then sign out of all the devices and even close the accounts, including gallery and mail from your lost iPhone. At least, this would be a wise and smart move if you do not have to Find my Phone or even mSpy software on your iPhone.

As they say, a little of common sense and cool-headed approach goes a long way in the times of finding a lost iPhone.